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X-Ways Forensics X-Ways Forensics
Expertises informatiques
Find out more about X-Ways Investigator X-Ways Investigator
Investigator version of X-Ways Forensics
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Editeur hexa et éditeur de disque
Pour en savoir plus sur X-Ways Imager X-Ways Imager
Disk imaging
Pour en savoir plus sur X-Ways Capture X-Ways Capture
Seize media
Pour en savoir plus sur X-Ways Trace X-Ways Trace
Utilisation de PC
Pour en savoir plus sur Davory Davory
Pour en savoir plus sur X-Ways Security X-Ways Security
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Order Form

The vendor in this system is X-Ways itself. These orders are processed manually. Payment by wire transfer, not by credit card. For online orders and credit card payment see here. Currency conversion for your information. An official equivalent in USD will be calculated when you send this form. Other than that, the payable amount is due in EUR. The volume discount offered here does not apply if you wish to order licenses for resale to different end users. For upgrades (update maintenance extensions) of existing licenses please check here instead. Terminology.

(Comprsn. de licences)
Licence de base
(1 nécessaire)
Lic. additionnelles
(pour autre ordinateurs)
Licence privée
mises à jour pour 1 année

EUR 37,73 +TVA
= EUR 44,90

EUR 29,33 +TVA
= EUR 34,90
mises à jour pour 1 année

EUR 69,90 + TVA

EUR 45,90 + TVA
mises à jour pour 1 année

EUR 199,90 + TVA

EUR 99,90 + TVA
X-Ways Forensics

EUR 1.129,90 + TVA
2-4 lic.: EUR 1.039,90 each
5+ lic: EUR 945,90 each
X-Ways Investigator

EUR 539,90 +TVA
2-4 lic.: EUR 499,90 each
5+ lic: EUR 455,90 each
Investigator CTR

EUR 229,90 +TVA
2-4 lic.: EUR 209,90 each
5+ lic: EUR 189,90 each
Licences pour 1 année
Consultant: EUR 1.181,00 each
Cons.+Covert: EUR 2.348,00 each
Enterprise: EUR 3.919,00 each
  X-Ways Capture
EUR 239,90 +TVA
includes Davory, Trace, Replica

EUR 349,00 +TVA


X-Ways Trace
EUR 49,90 +TVA
X-Ways Security
EUR 25,90 +TVA
licences privées licences prof.
EUR 31,01 +TVA
= EUR 36,90

EUR 42,90 +TVA

19% VAT will be added for orders from within the European Union, unless your company has a VAT ID. For payment by bank wire transfer from outside the Euro area, EUR 6 must be added and you have to make sure you pay for the bank fees from your side. 

Comment le logiciel est fournit: Electroniquement, par téléchargement et les codes de licence par e-mail. For X-Ways Forensics you will be sent download instructions and mailed a USB dongle that is needed to use the software, so please be sure to specify an accurate shipping address with your order. Thank you. There are no separate shipping and handling costs at this time. Customs fees and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. List of distributors.

Please enter your information for ordering:

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Payment method:
Advance payment by wire transfer. Recommended within Europe. A link for downloading the software and individual license codes will be e-mailed when the payment is received.
By wire transfer, order on open account, 30 days net terms. Only for large corporations, institutions, and public administration in the Euro zone, UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark. Signed written purchase order on corporate stationery required additionally, via PDF or fax. Companies in the European Union please provide their VAT identification number.

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License agreement, Privacy statement. Please read before ordering.