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Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Tuesday, Jan 22, 2002 - 2:03:   

WinHex 10.25, a minor update, will be released shortly. What will be new?

* When creating a new file, WinHex now allows you to specify the desired size in either bytes, KB, MB, or GB, and allows floating-point numbers to be entered.

* When Synchronize & Compare is enabled (View menu), WinHex lets you skip to the next and the previous different byte value. Try clicking the two additional buttons, marked with "", that appear in the edit window when using this function.

* The program help and manual now contain more examples of typical file headers that can be used by the File Retrieval command for file recovery (JPEG, GIF, MS Office, PDF, PS, ZIP, RAR, Wave, and more).

* Use Alt+Home and Alt+End in a template with the "multiple" statement to access the first and the last record, respectively.

* Previously, some FAT12 media were erroneously recognized as FAT16. This has been fixed.

* Some minor improvements.
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