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Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Friday, Feb 1, 2002 - 2:30:   

A beta version of WinHex 10.3 is now available here.

What's new?

* WinHex now allows to switch from the default Overwrite to the Insert mode by pressing the Ins key on the keyboard, as known from text editors. That way you will be able to conveniently insert and remove bytes in a file.

* The Data Interpreter and templates can now show and accept integer numbers in octal notation, in addition to hexadecimal and decimal (default).

* The new script command ForAllObjDo allows to apply a block of script commands (until EndDo is encountered) to all open files and disks. With this addition, the Routine feature to automate tasks finally becomes obsolete and may not be supported by future WinHex versions. Please rewrite your existing routines as scripts.

* The new script command ExecuteScript may be used to execute another script from within a running script, at the current execution point, e.g. depending on a conditional statement. Calls to other scripts may even be nested. This feature can help you structure your scripts more clearly.

* A new script and API command GetSize has been added, which returns the file's or disk's total size in bytes.

* Templates: instead of a constant number of block repetitions and a constant array size, you may now put the keyword unlimited into the square brackets, so WinHex will continue to create and fill the specified variables till the end of file is encountered.

* WinHex can now copy hex values as Pascal/Delphi source code (in addition to C/C++ source code).

* Some minor improvements.
Carl Garon
Posted on Friday, Feb 1, 2002 - 21:12:   

Is it possible to add 24 bits translation (signed and unsigned) in the data interpreter??
It could be usefull to analyse 24 bits wave file...
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Friday, Feb 1, 2002 - 22:08:   

Good idea, thanks, something for my To Do list. However, I cannot promise anything yet, as there are 70 other items on that list...
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Friday, Feb 8, 2002 - 19:38:   

WinHex 10.3 was just released.
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