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Stefan Kortmann (Admin2)
Posted on Monday, Apr 5, 2004 - 17:09:   

X-Ways Replica 2.0 Beta is now available to owners of a WinHex specialist license. (Remember, you need to query your license status to get it.)

What's new?

* Cloning from image file to disk.

* Option to calculate and log a hash (MD5 or CRC32) of the source.

* Invoking cloning process from command line by means of parameters for completely unattended operation:

REPLICA [/h] [/f:[path\]textfile] [/s:DiskNo[,PartNo] /d:DiskNo[,PartNo]]
[/l:[path\]logfile] [/i:DestImageSize] [/hash:[md5|crc32]] [/z]

/h displays help for call syntax
/f:[path\]textfile copies sectors specified in text file
/s:DiskNo[,PartNo] clones from specified disk (and partition) as source
/d:DiskNo[,PartNo] clones to specified disk (and partition) as destination
/l:[path\]logfile writes all messages during cloning to specified logfile
/i:DestImageSize specifies segment size in MB for destination image file
/hash:[md5|crc32] determines and logs specified hash in log file
/z write zeros for sectors that could not be read (disks)
(if missing, according sector of destination is kept)
/y write without prompting in combination with /s and /d

* Option to clone only selected sectors, forwards or backwards. You may specify a plain text file as a parameter where each line contains either one single sector number or a range of sector numbers (like "0-1000"), one per line, which will be cloned in the order in which they appear in the text file (even backwards operation possible, "1000-0"). Copying backwards is slower, but can be useful to approach a block of damaged sectors from the rear end.


Please send your comments and error reports to sk @ x-ways.com.
Posted on Wednesday, Apr 7, 2004 - 0:16:   

Testing the new CLI, I am not sure how to create a set of image files.

I tried this:

replica /f:c:\tmp\sectors.txt /s:2 /i:2000 /l:c:\tmp\log.txt

I left out the /d: command because I was not sure if it would only write over the destination hard drive (or partition)

After I pressed enter I recieved the message:
"/d:" expected !

Does the /d: command also accept a destination path and filename?

Thank you very much.
Stefan Kortmann (Admin2)
Posted on Wednesday, Apr 7, 2004 - 8:33:   

I have to apologize that the announcement from above does not point it out explicitly:

If you specify source and destination, each one or both of them may also be a filename (with according path).

The switches /s and /d are mutually dependent, you cannot use one without the other.

Another correction:




means you can clone either the entire disk (specified by DiskNo)
a single partition (specified by DiskNo and PartitionNo), i.e. ONLY the partition is cloned, not disk and partition.
Stefan Kortmann (Admin2)
Posted on Friday, Apr 23, 2004 - 12:37:   

A new download version is available now.

Some features have been added recently:

1) Acustic notification (beep) of bad sectors during cloning.

Every encounter of a bad sector during cloning will be announced with a signal beep since the process is paused and the user is expected to press a key. If logging is activated, only the first occurence of a bad sector will be indicated by a beep.

2) Additional information (manufacturer model number) about hard disks provided (in log files also serial number and firmware revision).

For a better identification of hard disks, the manufacturer model number is included in the given information both on screen and in the log file. If logging is activated, the serial number and firmware revision are also included.

3) Host protected area detection. Option to eliminate HPA temporarily until next power-down.

Upon start-up Replica will test installed drives if a host protected area has been created. If an HPA has been found, the user can choose to deactivate the HPA temporarily until the next power-down.
This works only for hard disks with a maximum size of 128 GB.
Posted on Friday, Apr 23, 2004 - 22:36:   

Replica 2.0 beta (3?, the one with the beeps added) On first system tested, does not work correctly upon starting. At the command line I type "replica.exe" then enter then I hear a few beeps and the screen contains gibberish, I can see a flashing cursor and a little bit of the menu through the gibberish, 'ESC' works to exit. Then tested earlier versions AOK on same system. Have not tried other systems, this one has a write block device, if that helps.
Jimmy Weg (Jw)
Posted on Saturday, Apr 24, 2004 - 21:41:   

Just found the same issue on my first try. My system also has a write block, software, PDBlock.
Stefan Kortmann (Admin2)
Posted on Monday, Apr 26, 2004 - 14:47:   

Here is a change:

Now, the host protected area detection is performed only if Replica is invoked with the new command line switch "/a".

The direct disk access in order to detect an HPA might be prohibited on systems with write block enabled.

If the same problems persist, or for all comments and error reports, please mail to
Stefan Kortmann (Admin2)
Posted on Monday, May 17, 2004 - 9:45:   

The display problem (strange characters all over the screen) has been resolved in X-Ways Replica 2.0.

Stefan Kortmann (Admin2)
Posted on Thursday, Aug 5, 2004 - 10:56:   

X-Ways Replica 2.01 is available. Log file entries are written to file immediately now.
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