Rules for Posting

1. This forum is intended to assist users of our software in correctly using the products WinHex and X-Ways Forensics. Postings must be related to these products or to computer forensics in general (for the respective sections of the forum).

2. Please keep in mind that replies and assistance from other users or X-Ways are not guaranteed. X-Ways does not commercially offer or sell or guarantee support.

3. If your posting is about an error message, please quote it in full. Just copy & paste it. Do not rephrase it in your own words, do not just tell your own interpretation of it, do not convert it to indirect speech. (All of that may prevent us and others from correctly identifying the message.) Please describe as precisely as you can what you have done when the error message occurred.

4. Postings must not be offending, contain rude language, etc. Please select the most appropriate topic for posting. Do not deliberately post the same message twice.

5. This is no place for advertising or for discussing products other than software from X-Ways.

6. Use descriptive subject lines for your postings that not merely try to attract attention. Refrain from multiplication of exclamation marks, from unnecessary capitalization, “Please Help” exclamations, etc. Postings without contents are forbidden. Do not post the same message more than once. Do not send the same message by e-mail and in the forum. Do not cause unnecessary extra work.

7. Any license issues or technical issues related to unlocking the software are to be discussed with X-Ways by e-mail only.

8. Any posting may be renamed, shortened, or deleted by the administrator, or moved to a more appropriate topic. Any user account may be deleted by the administrator, and any user blocked.

If you do not agree, please do not use the forum. Availability of this forum for reading or writing at a given time is not guaranteed. There is no guarantee for a satisfying reply or a reply at all. Information that you provide when posting on the X-Ways forum is available for others to see. Discretion should be used in entering personally identifiable information within the forum, as it may be collected by third parties. The forum is no place where to put confidential information.