2023 X-Ways Forensics Training Voucher

What is this? As a one-time only offer, the 4-day X-Ways Forensics I and the 3-day X-Ways Forensics II courses were available as a package purchase, at a discount compared to the individual course pricing.

What does this cover? One voucher covers:

  • one seat on our X-Ways Forensics I 4-day course (online events only; course content)
  • one seat on our X-Ways Forensics II 3-day course (online events only; course content)
where voucher owners can pick any of our publicly scheduled courses, subject to seat availability. For more details about our online training, simply visit the event pages for any of our currently scheduled training events as examples.

How long is this available/how do I buy these? 2023 training vouchers are no longer available, as they were sold until the end of March 2023 only. No vouchers will be offered in 2024.

What are the limitations?

  • The voucher cannot be split: One voucher can only be used by one attendee, which means both the XWF I and XWF II training must be attended by the same person.
  • No rebooking of confirmed events: Once a particular training event has been selected, i.e. the voucher has been used to book a seat on a particular training event, and the event is confirmed by X-Ways to go ahead, it cannot be changed to another date. You can cancel your seat reservation on a particular course before it is confirmed by X-Ways, though, without penalty, i.e. it can then still be used to book a seat on a different event instead.
  • Once purchased, a voucher cannot be refunded, nor can it be transferred into 2024, even if the voucher holder deems all training event dates offered by us throughout the year unsuitable. We recommend not leaving your training event selection too late, to avoid not being able to make any of the dates at all.
  • Valid for online training only.
No exceptions from any of the above conditions are possible, not even at a surcharge. Do not purchase a voucher, if any of these limitations pose a problem for you.

Can I purchase more than one voucher? Yes, if an organization is interested in training for multiple people, more than one voucher can be purchased, but each voucher will still be subject to all of the conditions stated above. No volume discounts are available for voucher purchases, because they are already discounted compared to regular training purchases. For larger quantities, contact us directly.

Do I have to pick the events straight away? No, but you can, if you wish. If a voucher holder considers a particular event suitable for their schedule, they can use their voucher to reserve a seat on a training event of their choice at any time, subject to that event still having seats available. If none of the events presently scheduled are of interest, the voucher holder can choose any dates scheduled throughout the year at a later point. To help with this, we will notify voucher holders who have yet to select their training events whenever new events are added to our public schedule. To be clear: It is not necessary to select both XWF I and II events at the same time. One can be selected and the other deferred, of course. We recommend sticking to the correct order, though.

Is the X-PERT exam included? No. While attending both of our X-Ways Forensics training courses does indeed form a good basis to undertake the X-PERT certification, the X-PERT exam fee is not included in the voucher. It can easily be added during the checkout process when purchasing the training voucher, though, or purchased separately at a later point. Please note: X-PERT exam codes are valid for six months from the date of purchase, so purchasing with the training voucher will mean the X-PERT exam codes expire before the training voucher does!