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Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Tuesday, Jan 9, 2001 - 2:23:   

A summary of some of the gained insights:

A. Windows 98 is the predominant operating system among the WinHex users (42%). Next come Windows NT and Windows 2000 (both 23%). Windows 95 and Me are rarely used.

B. Most users seem to be very interested in always having the latest version of WinHex. 72% download every time an update is announced.

C. The most important features of WinHex seem to be (in this order):

1. File manager menu (yes, that's in fact multiple features)
2. In-place edit mode
3. Disk editor (applied to non-optical disks)
4. Data interpreter
5. Position manager
6. Templates
7. Printable manual

Future development will consider enhancements of these features in particular.

D. The perceived value of the printable manual varies greatly among the users. There are as many who find it "very important" as there are who find it only "nice to have" (both 34%).

E. Same goes with the encryption functionality. 30% find it "very important", whereas considerable 18% find it even "unimportant".

The complete detailed results can be seen here.
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