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Software Products

Näheres zu X-Ways Forensics X-Ways Forensics Integrated computer forensics environment. Our flagship product, based on WinHex.
Näheres zu X-Ways Investigator X-Ways Investigator Reduced, simplified version of X-Ways Forensics for police investigators, lawyers, auditors, ...
Find out more about WinHex WinHex Hex editor, disk editor, and RAM editor. Computer forensics, data recovery, and IT security tool.
Näheres zu X-Ways Imager X-Ways Imager Disk imaging, disk cloning, virtual RAID reconstruction. Best speed, most intelligent compression.
F-Response Remote network drive analysis capability, remote RAM access, cloud storage access, ...


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Older products

X-Ways Capture Acquisition of Windows+Linux live systems
Davory Data recovery made easy
X-Ways Trace Internet browser activity deciphered
X-Ways Security Permanent erasure