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Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Monday, Dec 30, 2002 - 13:37:   

A beta version of WinHex 10.65 is now available here.

What's new?

* WinHex can now interpret and treat image files both as logical drives or physical disks. If interpreted as physical disks, WinHex can access and open the partitions contained therein individually as known from "real" physical hard disks. All of this is useful if you wish to examine the contents of disk images without copying them back to a disk, or to extract files from it.

* The Clone Disk dialog has been improved. Selecting image files as the source or destination is easier now.

* Securely erasing disk sectors, files, free drive space, slack space, and unused NTFS file records has been improved. It is now possible to specify multiple passes with different settings. In particular, the DoD (Department of Defense) standard for sanitizing hard disks has been implemented.

* Some minor improvements.
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Thursday, Jan 2, 2003 - 20:22:   

WinHex 10.65 Beta B

* ...has a new command in the Specialist Tools section that allows to Bates-number all the files within a given folder and its subfolders for discovery or evidentiary use. A constant prefix (up to 13 characters long) and a unique serial number are inserted between the filename and the extension in a way attorneys label paper documents for later accurate identification and reference.

* ...allows hex ASCII and ASCII text to be specified as the second parameter of the Assign script command.
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Sunday, Jan 5, 2003 - 13:51:   

WinHex 10.65 has just been released. The beta version will become unavailable.
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