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Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Saturday, Sep 13, 2003 - 0:00:   

A beta version of WinHex 11.1 is now available here.

What's new?

* File Recovery by Type can now recover files of multiple types at the same time.

* Recovered files of each type can be put in their own subfolder.

* File Recovery by Type is now easier to use because most the parameters to recognize files by their headers and footers have been moved to a file type definition file.

* There are now 28 predefined file types, and the definition file may be totally customized and expanded.

* Compressed are now displayed in blue color in the directory browser, encrypted files in green. The cluster list for compressed files is now more complete and includes sparse segments. (since v11.0 SR-3)

* When converting binary files to Intel Hex or Motorola S, memory regions still initalized with hexadecimal FFs will not be translated, so that the resulting file is kept compact. (since v11.0 SR-4)

* In the WinHex API, the function WHX_SetErrorMode is still available for compatibility reasons, but has been renamed to WHX_SetFeedbackLevel. Use this function to suppress error message boxes as before, and also to suppress the small progress window that allows the user to abort or pause a running operation and may annoyingly steal the focus from your own application's window.

* Several minor improvements.
Don Parker
Posted on Saturday, Sep 13, 2003 - 8:47:   

I get an invalid input error when trying to recover files by type on a partition. I am using the pre-defined header/footer values with no custom values. I am creating a subfolder for each file type and ignoring read errors. I am looking for headers in unallocated space only. The partition is NTFS and the values are 512, 8, 0, 14651215. It doesn't seem to matter what I put in as I always get the "Invalid Input" error with no hint as to what the invalid input is. This is version 11.1 beta. The same values in 11.0 SR-4 work just fine. I looked at the help threads and saw similar issues, but couldn't find a solution.
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Saturday, Sep 13, 2003 - 11:54:   

The blinking cursor indicates what input is invalid after dismissing the error message box. What user interface element has the focus? You probably did not select any of the file types. In the next release I will ensure that at least one item in the list is selected by default.
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Saturday, Sep 13, 2003 - 14:30:   

WinHex 11.1 Beta A:

* The "Invalid input" error makes it more obvious now what parameter exactly needs to be checked.

* Wording changed that file types need to be selected in the list.
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Monday, Sep 15, 2003 - 0:37:   

WinHex 11.1 Beta B:

* Tools | Disk Tools | Interpret File As Disk: WinHex is now able to interpret even a spanned image file as a physical disk or logical drive and provide access to the partition and file system structure. Image file segments may be of any size. The first segment may have an abritrary name and a non-numeric extension or the extension ".000". The second segment must have the same base name, but the extension ".001", the third segment ".002", and so on. The next version of the DOS cloning tool X-Ways Replica will be able to image disks and produce such file segments. This is useful because in the FAT16 and FAT32 file systems the maximum image file size supported is 2 GB or 4 GB, respectively.
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Wednesday, Sep 17, 2003 - 0:53:   

WinHex 11.1 Beta C:

* Better support for very large and fragmented MFTs on NTFS drives. (Still testing.)
Stefan Fleischmann (Admin)
Posted on Thursday, Oct 9, 2003 - 23:10:   

WinHex 11.1 has been released. The beta version will become unavailable.
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