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Name of the Game
(and submitted by whom)
Cheat Description
(memory address, description/effect)
Uplink version 1.31
Matthew Danielson
Credits = 1C4E72C
Spider Solitare WinXP
Ari Berger
To keep your moves to 1:
After you have made 3 moves, inject the value 0 to memory address 01011318
Spider Solitare WinXP
Ari Berger
Memory address 01011F20: Insert any score you want!
Homeworld version 1.0 (fresh install), WinXP
Kevin Stott
Memory Address: 008A4B10
Description: Homeworld RU Cheat
My Preferred Value: 2555500
Timothy Lindsay
This manipulates the time 0100579C. Set it to 0 to achieve perfect score.
Global Operations 0871F9F4 = health
Dune 2000
Hans Lentz
007B8774 = amount of spice
Grand Theft Auto 2
Jeff Mckee
0514F2E0 = the score
Final Fantasy VII (PC)
No patches. Software mode.
Ken Engström
NOTE since my gfx card is not supported I cannot test these addresses in hardware mode.

00DB1E9C = Amount of Gil
Set this anywhere from 0 and up, tho try not to exeed 99999999 since this will make the game buggy.
But if you give yourself 9999999 Gil I think that will keep a real shopper up for quite a while..
Fallout 2, v1.02-Patch
Ken Engström
Lots of these adresses have multiple hideouts I'll try to find as many as possible.
AND = Two or more addresses is used to modify the value.
OR = I'v found that the Value may change Address.
TOPIC = There are several similar addresses that works the same way under the same TOPIC

00518538 OR 00518588 = Character points in Create Char Mode
I’d advise you to set this value so you to set all of the Basic Stats to one (01). And then inject the value 63 this will enable you to maximize all Basic Stats to 10 (Heroic). If you don’t do that or you are too greedy you will need to inject the value 0 so there is no points left (or you will not be able to start the game).

0051D66C = Carrying Weight
This value it set to how big back pack you have. The normal player is somewhere at 200 in the beginning of the game so why not set it somewhere between 1 and 999 (I’m not sure what will happen if you set the value to higher than 999 but I will check as soon as I get my RAM Cheat registered).

01F77360 = Hit Points (When NOT in Combat mode)
This is the amount of Hit Points you have. Since I have not yet found the address to the “Max Hit Point” I advice you not to set the value higher than that. I will soon find the “Max Hit Point” address but it might take me a cup of coffee or two.

0051902C AND 01F77360 = Hit Point (When you are in combat mode)
This is the two addresses where the Hit Points is when you are in combat mode. You will need to edit them both or the game will be pissed on you and will start using a foul language. And the same thing applies for this one as for the other life cheat. I haven’t found the “Max Hit Point” address so set it higher on your own risk. (Well anything you do with this is on your own risk anyway ;-)

TOPIC = Basic stats. (The ones you set from “Very bad” - “01” to “Heroic” - “10”)
My advices on these are to set them some where between 1 and 10. Setting the stats higher than 10 might make the game flip I’m not sure. You may do so if you wish, not that I advice you to do so.

0051C394 = Strength
0051C398 = Perception
0051C39C = Endurance
0051C3A0 = Charisma
0051C3A4 = Intelligence
0051C3A8 = Agility
0051C3AC = Luck

0051C3B8 = Armour Class
This value is set between 1 and 999, but do take of any armour before you set this value or you will lose that little piece of positive effect given by the armour (by that I mean the positive effect will already be in the value you set).

0051C3D0 = Critical Chance in %.
This will set the chance you have of getting a critical hit on one of you opponents. I’m not sure (yet) but I think this is the same address for both combat and non combat. Anyway you can set the value BEFORE you go to combat and that way you wont get any problems.
Emperor - Battle for Dune
Aaron Colman
The exact address changes. The way to solve this is to hit escape to pause the game before you start building anything. Search the memory of "Game" for that value. Then start building something, pause it again, take a second snapshot and search for what changed. Inject 50,000 credits every few seconds
to that address.
Thief: The Dark Project
Ewan Sims
Gold: 06B87C90 (Repeat-inject a value of 22937600 during purchase screens for a unlimited supply of 350 gold)
Ewan Sims
Unlimited Credits: 004EAE80 (Repeat Inject desired value. The treasury panel will not display the correct credits value until your next turn, but you can build as much as you want anyway.)

Population Count for Current City: 4F1F14 (Focus on the city who's population you want to edit, then manipulate this variable. I don't recommend modifying this as it can cause weird problems - but if you want to, go for it.)

Final Doom for Windows
Ewan Sims
Unlimited Ammo: 4825B4 (Repeat Inject a Desired Ammo Amount)

Unlimited Health: 482538 & 38D6F20 (Repeat Inject '100')

Battlezone 2
Ewan Sims
Amount of Bio-Metal: 0D4CC7D8 (Value of 80 with Repeated Inject works well)
Maximum Amount of Bio-Metal: 0E4E689C (Value of 120 with Repeat-Inject works well)
Magic & Mayhem
(w/ MSN Zone Internet Patch)
Ewan Sims
Unlimited Mana: 2E6A00C (Recommended value of -83297400)
Specify Unit Limit: 006903FC (No more than 30 recommended, changes for enemies too.)
The Labyrinth Plus! Edition (bundled with Plus! XP)
Ewan Sims
Unlimited Lives: 009845EC. Any value over 2 is recommended.
Ewan Sims
“Unlimited Uncertain-Flags” is at memory address 01005194 - I recommend constantly injecting a value of
10 or 11.
Diablo II
Julian Shaw
00D16D00 = gold amount being carried by the character (single character mode)

The best way for this cheat to work is to do it whilst visiting the “stash”. Make sure you have some gold in hand to start with. The amount doesn't matter too much, but the lower the number the harder it is to confirm the memory location. Once confirmed (transfer a small amount to the stash or drop some, then take another snapshot to do that) transfer all gold in hand to the stash, then inject the new amount. At low level, don't go too high or it might overflow (30k seems to be the maximum amount initially - you can go higher later). You should now find you have that amount in your hand. Keep transferring to the stash until the stash is full.

This also works without using the stash, but is slightly misleading as it appears not to work initially (though it does). For example, if you just stand around somewhere and inject the new amount, when you check your inventory you will usually find that the amount has not changed. You need to drop at least 1 coin (and sometimes pick it up again) for the amount to change to what you specified.

NOTE: Please confirm the memory location before using this cheat. Amend your gold in hand within the game first (transfer a little to the stash or drop some), and take a snapshot to analyse the change. The exact location may vary from game to game. A snapshot after amending the gold amount should narrow it down to 2 or 3 possible locations.

Doom95 (Doom2)
Simon Schölch
004825B4 = Shots (pistol)
004825B8 = Shots (pump gun)
004825C0 = Shots (rockets)
004825BC = Shots (electric) for weapons 6+7

00482A5C = Value= Level sterben um zu aktivieren
004825AC = Chain saw =1 Fist=0
0048255C Value 1 = blue key
00482560 Value 1 = yellow key
00482564 Value 1 = red key
0048259C Value 1 = machine gun
00482598 Value 1 = pump gun weapon 3
004825A0 Value 1 = rocket launcher weapon 5
004825A4 Value 1 = weapon 6
004825B0 Value 1 = pump gun Waffe 3
004825A8 Value 1 = weapon 7
004825DC Value 3 = clipping mode
Freecell (WinNT)
Simon Schölch
01626D70 = Number of remaining cards
Simon Schölch
004DF944, Value 1117519872 = life energy
Winmine (WinNT)
Simon Schölch
290501C, Value 1 = Continue playing even with a mine hit
029051A4 = time
... ...