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Peak Limiter. Digital Audio High-Quality Sound Reinforcement

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Peak Limiter 1.53

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Peak Limiter processes your 16-bit sound files using a sophisticated algorithm. Single peaks exceeding a user-defined level are softly compressed in such a way that the result cannot be distinguished from the original by the human ear. This permits rising the main volume of the sound file considerably without causing clipping or distortion! 

Peak Limiter can be used for CD mastering to make all the tracks equally loud. Peak Limiter enhances single sound samples, fully arranged music recordings and digitized speech. The result sounds more direct, voluminous, and even. It is more likely not to harm your equipment during high-volume playback and it is less inclined to suffer from noise added later on. These are optimum conditions for both playback and further processing. In batch mode, Peak Limiter is even able to process several files at a time.


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