X-Ways Training
Rates / Terms / Cancellation Rules / Refund Policies



Hit or Miss Last Minute2 Early Bird Gov  Regular  Flex
Typical discount / surcharge -30%
only for government3
Guaranteed reservation no4 yes yes yes yes yes
Name changes allowed no yes yes yes yes yes
Rebooking allowed (change to other date) no no no no no 31+ days before
Eligible for license discount
if such a discount is offered for that particular class
no no yes yes yes yes

Waiting list priority1

n/a n/a


low priority medium priority high priority
Rules before a class is confirmed
Cancellation by attendee5 90% refund n/a 85% refund 100% refund 100% refund 100% refund
Cancellation by X-Ways 100% refund n/a 100% refund 100% refund 100% refund 100% refund
Rules after a class has been confirmed
Cancellation by attendee
28 days before or more
45% refund n/a 50% refund 55% refund 60% refund 100% refund
Cancellation by attendee
14-27 days before
35% refund n/a 40% refund 45% refund 50% refund 90% refund

Cancellation by attendee
5-13 days before

strictly no refund strictly no refund

strictly no refund

strictly no refund strictly no refund 70% refund

Cancellation by attendee
less than 5 days before

50% refund

There is no guarantee that all rates are available for all classes and offered all the time or at all. That includes the Government rate. Please check on the respective class web page for available rates. Availability of a certain rate may end at any time for various reasons. Seats are limited. Cancellation periods are based on the date/time zone at the location of the training.

1) Notifications of sudden vacancies are sent by e-mail, asking prospective attendees on the waiting list to confirm that they are still interested, and they should specify their preferred rate. The first confirmation received within 24 hours for the highest rate specified will get the seat. (Silver and Gold customers who mention their status get priority.) If no response is received at all within 24 hours, the first response after that will get the seat, regardless of the preferred rate. On weekends the time limit is 48 hours instead of 24 hours. Once a seat is tentatively assigned to someone on the waiting list, he or she must sign up within 18 hours.

2) You may be asked to print the training manual yourself prior to the class.

3) Warning: Only for employees of a government agency if sent by that government agency. If you sign up with the government rate without being eligible, you will be excluded from the training, you will only get 90% of your payment refunded, and you will likely be permanently blacklisted for all future software and training purchases. When in doubt about your eligibility, please ask before signing up. Do you not use any e-mail address other than your official work e-mail address if you pick the government rate. Hotmail, Gmail and other anonymous free e-mail addresses make you look suspicious. Please be assured that we are very strict about these terms.

4) Careful, we (X-Ways) may decide to give your already paid seat to someone else and refund 100% of your payment, for example if the class is fully booked or overbooked. Such a cancellation would be for the entire training event in case it consists of more than one course and you have signed up for more than one course, unless you and X-Ways agree on a partial cancellation. Only if you have paid and the class is confirmed and you don't hear from us otherwise at latest 5x24 hours before the first day of class (that morning), you can consider the seat to be finally yours. You may upgrade to the regular rate (and pay the difference in price + 5% of the regular rate) at any time if you get cold feet, as long as we have not notified you that you have lost your seat. An interesting deal for attendees who are flexible, reside in the general area (don't need to make expensive travel arrangements), and want to save some $$$. If you lose your seat, please don't be too disappointed. You could try again next time.

4) Cancellation requests and other inquiries should be directed to