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Law Enforcement Registration

We can provide the “PhotoDNA” functionality for X-Ways Forensics and X-Ways Investigator only to law enforcement agencies, as a separate download when querying the license status, if you have active access to updates. Law enforcement agencies may use the PhotoDNA functionality for the purpose of preventing the spread of child sexual abuse content and for investigations targeted to stop its distribution and possession. Some believe that if a law enforcement agency employs contractors that that agency may also provide those contractors with the functionality for the above-mentioned purpose. If you represent an eligible law enforcement agency, please follow the below instructions to get access to PhotoDNA. Please refrain from contacting us in this matter if you are do not represent a law enforcement agency. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1. Send us an e-mail message to lawenforcement @ x-ways.com from your official agency e-mail account.

2. The subject line must be "Law Enforcement Registration".

3. The body of the e-mail message must contain your complete contact details, including full official agency name, address, country etc. The name of your agency must be specified in one of the official languages of your country/area (using the original alphabet/characters of that language). If that language is not English or German, please also suggest an English or German translation (the official one, if defined). The address may be specified in English or in the official language of your country/area.

4. The body must contain a statement like "Our organization is a law enforcement agency of the country / state / county / province / city / ... of ...".

5. Please suggest an entire domain to register, on which your e-mail addresses are based, if law enforcement specific, e.g. ic.fbi.gov or afp.gov.au or politi.dk. If your agency does not have its own domain or subdomain (e.g. just cityofx.com or state.xy.us), then you may only register 1 (one) specific complete e-mail address that will receive the additional download instructions. That e-mail address should look official. No gmail.com etc. Please spell the address in all lower case letters! The e-mail address of course must be connected with at least one of your licenses in our online database if you wish the license status query to succeed and deliver you the latest download instructions. 

If you do not hear back from us within 2 weeks, please assume that your registration was not accepted. For example that may be the case if your agency is not a law enforcement agency or if your submission looks fishy. In case of rejection, sometimes no reason will be given or no reply will be sent. If you are certain that your agency should be eligible, you may resend your message once, after 2 weeks have passed, after having verified that you have followed the above rules. You may want to include more explanation in that case.

Even if your registration was accepted, acceptance may be revoked at any time. No reason has to be given. Also, the PhotoDNA functionality in the software or addition download(s) may simply become unavailable generally at any time.