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Software Products

X-Ways Forensics Integrated computer forensics environment. Our flagship product, based on WinHex.
X-Ways Investigator Reduced, simplified version of X-Ways Forensics for police investigators, lawyers, auditors, ...
WinHex Hex editor, disk editor, RAM editor. Computer forensics, data recovery and IT security tool.
X-Ways Imager Disk imaging, disk cloning, virtual RAID reconstruction. Best speed, intelligent compression.


Bundle of 3rd-party add-ons for XWF (access to mailboxes, acquired smartphone data, ...)
F-Response Remote network drive analysis capability, remote RAM access, cloud storage access, ...
Excire Forensics Photo analysis with artificial intelligence, integrated in X-Ways Forensics


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Discontinued products

X-Ways Capture Acquisition of Windows+Linux live systems
Davory Data recovery made easy
X-Ways Trace Internet browser activity deciphered
X-Ways Security Permanent erasure