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Returning Dongles

As a genuinely licensed user of our dongle-based software product variants, you are provided with a small sophisticated USB hardware device that unlocks the software and that is required for execution of the software.

It may become necessary to return a dongle to us, for example:

  • when swapping regular dongles for a network dongle

  • if a dongle stops functioning, to get a replacement

It is very important to:

  • contact us by e-mail first (the sales address) to discuss details such availability and cost of a replacement

  • use a bubble-padded envelope when sending dongles by postal mail

  • specify the ID(s) of the dongle(s) that you are sending, not the serial numbers printed on the outer case or engraved in the metallic plug, by e-mail and ideally also on a paper slip in the same envelope as the dongles

  • send the dongles to the correct address, either the specified address for postal mail, or ask us if you wish to use a courier service such as FedEx, DHL, UPS

  • name the company (X-Ways AG or X-Ways Software Technology AG) as the recipient, not only the name of a particular employee

  • declare a correct material value when sending the dongle from outside of the European Union (new dongles are considered to have a material value of around USD 8 each, used dongles perhaps between $1 and $4, broken dongles between $0 and $0.50)

  • describe the dongles correctly as USB dongles for customs purposes, not as USB sticks or thumb drives!

We will not hesitate to refuse dongle returns if you cause unnecessary cost, e.g. customs duties, import sales tax, ...