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for WinHex/X-Ways Forensics/Investigator/Imager

As long as with your license you have access to updates, you may change to the latest version, and if you have a perpetual license, use that version for an indefinite time. Practically all information about your license, including the latest download instructions if eligible, can be retrieved from here. License type comparisonUpgrade chartTerminology

The cost of upgrading your perpetual license with longer update maintenance or to a higher license type and the cost of renewing your temporary license are highly individual and depend on various factors, most importantly on the previous and the new maintenance/license expiration date and on past and future license price development.

To query your license status, please enter your e-mail address:
(one of the e-mail addresses associated with the license in our database, usually the one specified with your original order)

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The license status, download links, log-in data and (if available for you) upgrade offers will be e-mailed to the address that you specify. For your convenience, up to 16 user e-mail addresses + 1 purchasing e-mail address can be associated with your licenses. If you would like to get the e-mail addresses changed, please contact us. Please note that we do not need to know which user in an organization exactly has which dongle. We do not need the e-mail addresses of all users in an organization, just one at least. The purchasing e-mail address will not receive the download instructions, just upgrade/renewal offers, if any.


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