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All prices below in USD (US Dollars). Please enter the number of licenses you are interested in and click the Continue button below to proceed. More volume discount and various payment methods displayed on the next page. There are price breaks for 2+, 5+, 10+, 25+, 50+, ... licenses for our software (same product, same license type, same period, same copy protection method, same license owner). Prices may be subject to VAT/GST/sales tax. Applicability will be checked in a later step depending on your country. Please order with your official e-mail address. The vendor is usually Cleverbridge. Upgrades/renewals here.

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Please note that as a reseller you can specify your own company and address as the billing contact, and your client as the licensee contact (delivery address can be either yours or your client's). Volume discount is offered only for totally identical licenses (same product, same license type, same time period). The volume discount offered here must not be used if you wish to order licenses for resale to different licensees!

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X-Ways Forensics
non-perpetual license, immediately usable with BYOD or BYOD+

2+: $1,199
5+: $1,109
X-Ways Forensics
perpetual license for indefinite use, dongle-based or with BYOD

2+: $3,079
5+: $2,849
Exponent    NEW 
add-ons for XWF, non-perpetual

1st year:
non-perpetual license, dongle-based

price see
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WinHex Lab Edition
non-perpetual, with BYOD

2+: $153.90
WinHex Specialist
non-perpetual, with BYOD

2+: $101.90
WinHex specialist license

2+: $186.90
WinHex prof. license

2+: $74.90
WinHex personal license

2+: $31.90
X-Ways Investigator
perpetual license, long term use

2+: $1,419
5+: $1,309
Investigator CTR
perpetual license, long term use

2+: $639
5+: $599
X-Ways Imager
non-perpetual license, works with BYOD for immediate use

2+: $77.90
5+: $68.90
10+: $61.90
X-Ways Imager
perpetual license, for long term use, dongle-based

2+: $155.90
5+: $133.90
10+: $110.90
  X-Ways Capture   $219
X-Ways Trace   $55.90

All sales are final, no refunds. Yes, really!
(except if software does not work as described)

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Delivery: The software is provided electronically. You will receive a link to download the software and (if applicable) individual license codes, by e-mail, usually within 5 seconds if you pay by credit card and the payment is accepted automatically, worst case: 2-24 hours. For dongle-based software you will be sent download instructions electronically and a USB dongle physically that is required to use the software.

In case you need to ask Cleverbridge about a payment problem or the status of an existing order, you can contact them here. Please be sure to specify the reference number of your quote or order. Important: No technical support or advice about what product to buy can be given by Cleverbridge.

Purchase orders placed on open account are accepted by Cleverbridge from corporate customers and government agencies if you generate a quote first and reference the quote number in your purchase order or select purchase order as the payment method when you order online and confirm this on official letterhead later.