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Freiwillige vorübergehende Stilllegung von Dongles

In X-Ways Forensics 20.0 und neuer you currently have the option to mothball your dongle, i.e. render it temporarily unusable/inactive. If you are unable to use your dongle at your current location at this moment, because of coronavirus lockdowns, quarantines, home office work or travel restrictions, you may decide to get your dongle mothballed and temporarily use X-Ways Forensics with BYOD or BYOD+ instead. You can accept this offer currently for 1, 2 or 3 months. Please note that this is not a permanent situation/solution/offer. The offer is not available to customers who do not have access to updates any more. Availability is not guaranteed to everyone.


Wie man vorgeht

The procedure is similar to dongle insurance. You (or your colleague in the office who has access to the dongle), can find the option to mothball a dongle in the Help | Dongle dialog window. This mode of operation (or rather lack thereof) will prevent usage of your dongle in any version of X-Ways Forensics. You will need to send a transaction code to our server directly from within X-Ways Forensics or copy the transaction code and paste it here. Only when you do that and get an activation code back, your dongle is officially considered mothballed by X-Ways. You will also be given URLs to pay for temporary usage with BYOD or BYOD+. In the online order form please adjust the number of months of non-dongle usage for your license. (For network dongles with multiple licenses, please contact us.)


Was es kostet


Cost in EUR Cost in USD
Order 1-month usage with BYOD for 1 license 25* 27*
Order 1-month usage with BYOD+ for 1 license 49* 55*
Reactivate dongle after BYOD/BYOD+ usage** 0 0
Reactivate dongle after no BYOD/BYOD+ usage 25 ~27

*slightly less per month if you pay for multiple months up front, up to 3 currently
**only if tempory usage has actually been paid for

All prices are subject to VAT if applicable. Cost of replacements for lost or stolen mothballed dongles can be found here (same as for regularly insured dongles).



Availability and terms of this special offer are subject to change. All orders are processed by our online reseller cleverbridge AG. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, advance bank transfer, ... or as a government agency or corporation you can choose purchase order as the payment method if you promise us that you will pay by bank transfer or check within 30 days. 

You need to understand how BYOD and/or BYOD+ work before accepting this offer. Do not ask for assistance in using BYOD/BYOD+ unless a technical error occurs, or this offer will be revoked for you. If you order more BYOD/BYOD+ usages at the same time than the number of dongles that you have mothballed justifies, there will be a penalty (e.g. your dongle will not be re-activated immediately upon your request, your BYOD usage may be terminated etc.). If you share the information on how to order temporary usage with BYOD/BYOD+ with any third party or if you share your BYOD+ usage with any third party, we will cancel your original license and blacklist you permanently.

In order to reactivate a mothballed dongle, you need to contact us. Reactivation is not possible while you still have usage time left with BYOD or BYOD+. Reactivation is possible in any dongle-based version of X-Ways Forensics. While mothballed, a dongle is also insured against loss (not theft).