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X-Ways Security: Permanent Erasure
for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (for limitations see program help)

X-Ways Security

not updated any more for a long time

X-Ways Security
160 KB

demo version

The shredder for the digital age. To protect your organization's confidential data or your personal privacy, trust on X-Ways Security as a hard drive cleansing solution. To maximize security, X-Ways Security offers up to 9 fully configurable overwrite passes and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standard for hard drive sanitization as specified in the 5220.22-M operating manual.

  • Delete selected confidential files securely, such that they are not recoverable.
  • Wipe free drive space and clear slack space, to get rid of sensitive data from deleted files, esp. temporary files.
  • Clean formerly used NTFS file records, which contain filenames and other data
  • Erase logical drives or entire physical disks completely and irreversibly, e.g. to produce forensically clean target media or to sanitize media before re-use in a different environment of before donating.
  • Trusted download: copy files from classified media without slack space overhang.

Incorporates the shredding technology introduced with and known from WinHex and concentrates on ease of use. Other available languages: . The demo version can only delete files up to 200 KB.


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in v1.4:
Minor update released in December 2012, first and only update after 7 1/2 years,
for use under Windows Vista and later and to support large hard disks.

Normal deletion only marks your files as “deleted” in the file system. The data remains on the disk and will be actually erased only when the same disk sectors are overwritten with new data.

X-Ways Security erases securely, such that even most sophisticated laboratory technology cannot recover any traces of your data any more. X-Ways Security can be run directly from a floppy disk or CD. 


X-Ways Security screenshot